Child­care at WHEELS Logistics.

In our in-house day care, the „Kinderladen“, the tots between 0 and 3 years are kept in good condition during the day , as long as their parents pursue their profession at WHEELS Logistics.

Since 2012, it is raged, laughed, cuddled and supported – and made an important contribution to harmonizing family life and work.

Responsible for the children’s shop are Ann-Kathrin and Bruno de Oliveira Coelho. The two self-employed social workers supervise a maximum of 9 children. The bright building with kitchen, bedroom, a large common room and outdoor area with playground was generously designed by WHEELS Logistics and is equipped with new material from the book to the doll.

Our „Kinderladen“ offers space for the development of our smallest at a high level, which is an important and responsible concern for us as a company. At the same time, we make it easier for our employees to return to work while they are in good hands with their offspring.