Sustainability is a topic that has become increasingly important in recent years. And rightly so. It is about conserving our resources and protecting the environment in order to ensure a future worth living for us and future generations. Especially as a family business that thinks about future generations, this is essential.

A responsible approach to our environment is an important cornerstone of our company in terms of both social and economic aspects. The concept of sustainability is not only considered against the background of ethical expectations, but also in terms of securing and increasing competitiveness.

We are therefore committed to doing more for our environment than is required by law and try to conserve natural resources. The environmental impact should be kept as low as possible at all times, because our world is limited. The natural resources we use, such as water, energy and raw materials, are not infinitely available. If we continue to consume and waste at an unchecked pace, we will soon exhaust these resources. This would not only have a negative impact on our quality of life, but also on biodiversity and the ecological balance.

Sustainability is also closely linked to climate change. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions, caused by human activities such as the use of fossil fuels and deforestation, are leading to a warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. This is already having a noticeable impact on the climate, such as extreme weather events and the melting of the polar ice caps.

However, by integrating sustainable practices into our everyday lives, we can make a positive contribution. This means consuming more consciously, using renewable energy, reducing waste and choosing environmentally friendly means of transportation. By changing our habits and making sustainable choices, we can help protect the environment and create a sustainable future.
Together, we can make a positive change and create a world worth living in for ourselves and future generations.

As an international logistics service provider, WHEELS Logistics is confronted with legal, ethical and social issues and challenges in many areas. It is in our interest to achieve and secure long-term and sustainable business success in this area of conflict while adhering to our basic principles. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to base all our actions on the law, the Code of Conduct and other binding guidelines of our company.

WHEELS therefore requires not only its employees, but also all suppliers and partners, to comply with the principles of sustainability in all areas and to make every reasonable effort to ensure that service providers and subcontractors also comply with these principles.

Finally, it should be defined that sustainability for WHEELS means more than just protecting the environment and conserving its resources. As a company, we see this holistically and strive for sustainability in three pillars:

  1. Sustainable use of resources, protection of the planet/environment
  2. Sustainable business relationships
  3. Sustainable human resources management