Hiltrup family business shows Europe to the trainees

The Hiltrup-based logistics company WHEELS Logistics is taking a special approach to apprentice recruitment and training by offering firmly planned internships abroad for its apprentices.

At least one stay abroad during the apprenticeship is integrated, in consultation with the apprentices it is decided which location makes the most sense. In the past, WHEELS trainees have always had the opportunity to get to know other locations in Germany and abroad. Now it is also firmly anchored in the training planning.

“Our trainees have the possibility to visit many countries in Europe and the opportunity to get to know the local mentalities and also the countries,” says Head of HR Michael Horn. For example, the summer can be spent in Portugal, Austria or the Czech Republic. Of course, this is also a measure to be perceived as an attractive employer.

Training is provided in three occupations: Freight forwarding and logistics services clerks, office management clerks, IT specialists for system integration. In addition, the company also offers apprenticeships as part of a dual study program.

“I think the opportunity is great! I think it’s very valuable and I’m looking forward to gaining this experience during my training,” reports trainee Sergej Arne, who began his training as a forwarding merchant in M√ľnster this year.

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Ann-Kathrin Kampmeier

Corporate Communications Officer