WHEELS Logistics invests in further greening of warehouse site in Gelsenkirchen

Go-ahead for large-scale additional greening at the Schalker Verein business and industrial park

At the beginning of 2024, the long-awaited planning permission for extensive environmental protection work has arrived. WHEELS Logistics has greened the Central European Warehouse (CEW) on Europastrasse in Gelsenkirchen on a grand scale.

“We are focusing on various greening measures with native plants, but have also created special areas for amphibians, for example,” reports Project Manager and Managing Director of WHEELS Logistics Germany Sven Patrias.

A total of 6,000 m² was planted with native shrubs and 62 trees, and 1500 m² of the fence was greened. In addition, three spawning ponds with a depth of 50 cm and a size of 100 m² were created to protect small animals and toads, and five sand and stone piles as well as two deadwood piles were heaped up. The total conservation area is approx. 12,000 m².

At CEW, WHEELS has a total of 29,500 square meters of storage space. WHEELS has invested a total of 18.5 million euros in the Schalker Verein industrial estate since 2012. Depending on the type, up to 40,000 pallets can be stored in the ultra-modern storage and handling facility. The CEW also has its own rail terminal. The only one in the entire industrial estate.

Further information on the sustainability of WHEELS Logistics.

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Ann-Kathrin Kampmeier

Corporate Communications Officer