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How the search for an apartment almost prevented him from starting a job

Leevi definitely has a special life story. In conversation, it becomes clear there are many stories to tell here. Starting at the end: Since September 2023, Leevi has been part of the WHEELS team and strengthens the billing, his path there is an exciting one. Leevi was born in a refugee camp in Angola, his parents fled Namibia where the political situation was extremely tense. At the age of nine, he became a Namibian GDR child. The GDR children of Namibia are a group of about 400 Namibian children in total who were brought from the refugee camps without their parents to the German Democratic Republic (GDR) during SWAPO’s struggle for independence against the South African occupation in Southwest Africa and grew up there. Here he spent a year and found his first connection to Germany. Namibia became independent and Leevi was able to return to his yet unfamiliar homeland of Namibia, where he went to school and then studied. During his studies he met his wife, who is from Münster. Together they chose Münster as their home in 2008, where Leevi trained as an office administrator and gained his first professional experience.

But then Berlin was calling; for more than 11 years Leevi worked there as a financial accountant for the Namibian Embassy in Berlin. But then it became clear that the capitalcity with three children was not the ideal place for the family to live permanently. That’s when Münster came into play again and thus WHEELS.
The application process at WHEELS generated a lot of interest on both sides. In particular, the drive for digitalization and the corporate management of WHEELS convinced Leevi to make the leap to Münster together with his family.

If it weren’t for the housing problem
Leevi almost had to turn down WHEELS again, because it was simply impossible to find suitable living space for a family of 5. But WHEELS provided support and was able to find a suitable home for the future employee within a short period of time. The time span between viewing and moving was just four weeks. Including the change of school of two daughters. “I was very impressed by the commitment of the HR department and the owner’s family, which confirmed to me that it was the right way to change to WHEELS. Also to quickly master the industry change, the onboarding here was unique.”
In the meantime, the family has settled in well in Hiltrup and the youngest family member will also soon become part of the WHEELS family and will attend the company’s own day care, the Kinderladen.


Nils Dietrich

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