For us, the concept of “familial” also means lending a hand

In our “Kinderladen“, we take care of the smallest members of the WHEELS team.

For more than ten years already, the offspring of our staff members find a place in our own group daycare.

Combining one’s job and family is not easy. This is way many team members feel all the more relieved as they are offered the opportunity to have their youngest family members aged between 0 and 3 years be taken care of in our Kinderladen. Verena Patrias knows this balancing act only too well since she is not only part of the Corporate Board, but herself a mother of two. ”For us as a company it is a matter of course to help staff members when it comes to combining job and family. We place great value on this, because in our view, family and professional career do not exclude each other – for our DNA as a family-run business alone.”

Our own group daycare centre since 2012

It was already clear in 2012: in terms of care, we would have to go our own way. Thanks to our cooperation with the German Police University, we were able to seize the opportunity and establish our own group daycare centre for children. Thus, we were a little bit ahead of the times.

Eleven years later, the issue is more up-to-date than ever because due to the lack of skilled staff searching for places in child daycare centres or for nannies has become increasingly more difficult. For example, childcare hours are already being cut in some municipal daycare centres at the WHEELS headquarters in Münster. In the coming daycare year, the city of Münster cannot avoid limiting the number of children who receive a place in its own facilities. “At this point, we are quite happy to be able to maintain our capacity”, says Verena with relief.

Nine places for children

For our “Kinderladen“ we have prepared a dedicated building complete with a kitchen, a dormitory, a spacious room for common activities and an outdoor area with a playground.    This is where our self-employed social pedagogics look after up to nine children Here, the two independent social pedagogues Ann-Kathrin and Bruno de Oliveira Coelho look after up to nine children.


Nils Dietrich

Referent Unternehmenskommunikation