Becoming a digital logistics service provider

Innovation as a guiding principle

At WHEELS Logistics, we want to map as many processes as possible digitally. The problem is that this is often not fully possible with standard software. That’s why IT places great emphasis on innovation and has established this as a guiding principle.

What used to be the “IT department” is now the “digital development team”.
“We are a team of employees from various disciplines, from software development to system administration and data science – with strong roots in the management,” says Maximilian.

A brief trip down memory lane:
When Maximilian was a trainee in our scheduling department some time ago, one thing immediately struck him: Some order data had to be transferred manually from one system to the other – even though all the information was already available digitally. “That was several minutes of work every time, but several times a day,” Maximilian remembers today. He decided to take action.

Through self-study, he acquired basic programming skills and quickly developed a tool to automate the workload. This initiative not only saved him a considerable amount of time, but also gave him great enthusiasm for further projects. Supported by WHEELS, the industrial engineer completed a postgraduate degree in computer science.

The team, which has grown continuously since then, has developed numerous programs and automations that are not only functional, but also enjoyable. One example of this is our “No-Touch-Order” project, in which we automatically integrate hundreds of customer transport orders into our transport management system every day using specially developed interfaces.

In addition to projects such as the “no-touch order”, the WHEELS development team has implemented a large number of its own solutions, including driver apps, truck tracking systems and warehouse planning tools. These tailor-made applications not only optimize internal processes, but also improve the efficiency and satisfaction of our customers.

“Working at WHEELS is great fun, because the ideas here are seemingly limitless. We work together like in a digital studio, no two days are the same,” says the development team.

A key to our success is the close cooperation with the various departments and customers. “Our developments are based on the ideas and needs of the users and are continuously developed as a team. After all, the success of every project is ultimately the result of the joint efforts of various departments and employees,” says Maximilian.

In addition, WHEELS Logistics strives to push the boundaries of innovation by integrating technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we aim to continuously improve our solutions and provide even more effective services to our customers.


Nils Dietrich

Referent Unternehmenskommunikation