Sustainability has many faces at our company

At the Gelsenkirchen site we cleverly save energy

Admittedly: We are not the industry that emits little. But that is precisely why we have considered how and where energy can be saved.

In our warehouse in Gelsenkirchen, the lamps only burn where the forklift trucks and their drivers need light – on the travel paths instead of everywhere where it is not necessary.

In addition, the forklift trucks practically light up by themselves: They have high-power spotlights on the roof so that we can permanently switch off 70 to 80 percent of the hall lighting. And where the light does have to burn a lot, energy-saving LED lamps are used.

Newly thought-out: arrangement of the doors minimises energy loss

But this is only one approach to saving energy in Gelsenkirchen. We have also considered how we can adapt the automation of our gates so that they cause less energy costs. The starting position is as follows: The doors are designed as a combination of sectional and high-speed doors.

Basically, the CEW gates function as automatic gates that run via motion sensors. The problem is that these sectional doors open and close comparatively slowly. In order to minimise the escape of heat and dirt, we installed two doors one behind the other in construction phase 3. The sectional door is open during opening hours. Behind it comes a foil door that opens and closes quickly, ensuring fast passage for forklift trucks.


Nils Dietrich

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