Think globally – act locally

Our Value Added Services transform big issues into local processes

Complex value-added services are deeply integrated into the customer‘s processes and create efficient and sustainable work even where one would not expect it at first sight.

We go one step further: both within our team and with our customers. This is reflected concretely in our value-added services. These comprehensive logistics services cover more than ordinary contract logistics. We have been working in partnership with part of our clients for many years now and leverage potential where we can discover and control it.

Sometimes you can develop new ideas when looking more closely at established processes: “We also see ourselves as a source of inspiration. We do not run things by the book which we closely cling to: of course, we have clear processes, but from time to time we also take a closer look. This means that we recognise processes which in the operative business are not so much in our customers’ focus or which are simply overlooked. As a consequence, we have already frequently been able to initiate time and cost efficiency projects for our customers”, explains Grégory Feldberg.

“Our value-added services are characterised by their complexity and a high degree of integration into the customer’s processes“, says Grégory Feldberg, Direct with WHEELS Logistics. At the Gelsenkirchen site, it is clearly visible what this means. For a customer from the packaging industry who manufactures beverage cans among other things, we take on the inspection and sorting out of batches that have defects or faults in addition to ”classic“ logistics services. Due to the fact that we have been working with part of our customers and improving ourselves jointly for a very long time, we can offer numerous additional services. In addition, we have committed ourselves to the Leitmotif “think globally, act locally“: this means that we try to put the really big issues into practice at a very small scale.

We have extended our portfolio in a very customer-oriented way and have taken on for example numerous valuable additional services in quality management:

Occasionally errors can occur when printing the beverage cans“, Grégory continues. Sometimes the colour of part of the batch does not meet the specifications. The customer will then notice this during quality control.

Experience and concentration required

However, the true challenge is to find the faulty products and sort them out – when the fault occurs, cans are often already on a pallet and ready for loading.

Our WHEELS colleagues then carry out a visual inspection and sort out the defective cans – a job that requires a lot of concentration and experience. “This work cannot be done by machine,” Grégory knows, “because no AI can compete with our skilled workers!”

High degree of specialisation in value added services

This also applies to the other value-added services that we currently provide for our customers. For example, individual cans are loaded onto the pallets in several layers. A layer of cardboard is placed between each layer, which is to be used several times if possible.

Here, after being returned from the filling plant, each individual cardboard is checked by hand for any damage or contamination. If our experts notice the corresponding defects, they sort out the respective copies. The defect-free cardboard, on the other hand, can be used again – this is efficient and sustainable at the same time!


Nils Dietrich

Referent Unternehmenskommunikation