From order entry to returns management

In Cologne, we take over the entire shipping logistics for a Swedish manufacturer of incontinence products.

At the WHEELS location in the Porz district of Cologne, we take care of the entire shipping logistics for one of our customers. The various incontinence articles are produced in Sweden and Spain. Large loads of pads or disposable trousers regularly arrive from these factories.

“We take care of all the logistical processes for the customer here on site in Germany,” says Udo Ganss, who manages the location in Cologne.

5,000 shipments – per day

Specifically, there is the processing and entry of orders, the compilation, packaging and dispatch of orders from the B2B sector. Around 2,000 shipments are sent daily from Porz to retailers, pharmacies and medical supply stores.

The number is significantly higher for private customers. „We don’t just have pallets going in and out,” Udo explains. “We are talking here about many small-scale, sometimes manual activities that we cover.“ Around 3,000 consignments leave the warehouse here every day. Quite a few customers submit their prescriptions issued by their doctor to the manufacturer and then receive the desired products delivered to their home from us. We process the orders, compile them and take care of the printing and enveloping of the delivery notes, to which a return envelope and up to four additional parts are also added.

Individual compilation

A good example of this are the so-called care packages offered by the client. The entitled persons can choose between different packages at our client’s, which optionally contain bed protection pads, disposable gloves, mouth guards, hand or surface disinfectants. Each package must then be put together individually.

But our value-added services in Cologne are flexible: we also take care of the customer’s short-term marketing campaigns, such as sending out samples of goods. Not to mention the management of returns, of which around 50 arrive in Cologne-Porz every day.


Nils Dietrich

Referent Unternehmenskommunikation