WHEELS Logistics publishes its first sustainability report

The family-owned company WHEELS Logistics has published its first sustainability report. It is divided into three areas of activity: sustainable use of resources, sustainable business relationships and sustainable human resources management.

“Sustainability is a topic that has become increasingly important in recent years. And rightly so. It’s about conserving our resources and protecting the environment in order to ensure a future worth living for us and future generations. Especially as a family business that thinks about future generations, this is essential,” says Verena Patrias from the Corporate Board.

Although a sustainability report is not mandatory for WHEELS, the company wants to constantly reflect on itself and provide transparent information for customers, partners and employees.

“A responsible approach to our environment is an important cornerstone of our company in terms of both social and economic aspects. The concept of sustainability is considered not only against the background of ethical expectations, but also with a view to securing and increasing competitiveness. We are therefore committed to doing more for our environment than is required by law and try to conserve natural resources,” she continues.

Information is provided, for example, on special techniques to save electricity in the warehouses or measures that contribute to species protection. The company also sees the report as an opportunity to constantly question and improve itself.

Further information and the full report can be found here.

Press contact

Ann-Kathrin Kampmeier

Corporate Communications Officer